Ben Yates

Influenced by a love of science, geometry,

counter-culture and all things Japanese, Ben

has been developing his ‘Photo-Cubism’ work

since 2005 as a way of combining photography

with sculpture and other art forms. His most well

known style is to mount digital photographic prints

onto a structure of blocks to accentuate the form

of the subject.

                                            All the blocks are cut, finished and

                                           arranged by hand, the images all                                             cropped and sized manually, printed                                             and then arranged by eye. Ben’s work                                             is all painstaking and meticulous, yet                                             the end results are fun and accessible.

Another brand of artwork that is unique  to Ben are the ‘Electri-Cities’ : sprawling cityscapes made of recycled computer circuitry, lit with LEDs, populated with tiny model railway people and all encased inside acrylic and glass coffee tables. They conjure a highly detailed glimpse into a colourful yet somewhat dystopian future, which doubles as a practical piece of modern furniture. What makes them particularly intriguing are the tiny people – they bring a host of

never-ending urban stories as you follow the little people on their daily business and shopping trips, back-alley deals and leisure activities.

Ben is always innovating and trying to find new ways of displaying photography or combining art forms. Other projects include a photographic deck of playing cards, large recycled outdoor sculptures, a hands-on Photo-Cubist puzzle, spherical Electri-Cities, jewellery made from recycled electronics

and colouring pencils and abstract light painting photography.




Phone: 07762 369470

Studio Address (open by appointment only): Mallands Barn, Ingsdon, Newton Abbot, Devon, TQ12 6NN