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The Camphill Devon Workshops in Buckfast provide a meaningful day service activity which enables adults with a learning disability to make art and craft, gaining skills and knowledge, supported by dedicated and skilled workshop leaders.

Our craft workshops consist of a textiles, metal, wood and pottery where residents and clients learn skills and create unique art and craft items, for sale, in a social environment.  Service users choose the activities they do and how often they wish to participate in them, some individuals will work alone and others work as part of a team. The work is constantly changing and evolving with new ideas, working with the seasons and taking part in external projects. Our workshops are open all year round accept for Christmas and other public holidays providing a vital structure to an individual’s day and week.

To help support the environment and to reduce costs we use recyclable materials where possible such as copper, tin, aluminium, rags, beads and broken unwanted wooden furniture, we even take wood from our own woodland to turn bowls which is sustainable.

Items are sold in the wider community through fairs, shops and galleries alongside other art and craft professionals, through this the service users feel valued and part of society.  Selling the work also helps us to create awareness, gives the work purpose and funds raised help us continue the activities we provide.