Elizabeth Rashley     Stewarding  - Mon pm, Tue pm Thu pm

Elizabeth creates imaginative, stylised and often whimsical linocut prints, using bold

shapes and patterns. She uses her Victorian Albion Press to print limited edition

monochrome and colour reduction prints.

Petra Lewin   Stewarding  - Sat , Mon pm, Tue pm                                           

Pat Ferns     Stewarding  - Sun pm, Tue pm, Wed am, Thu am


Patricia draws her inspiration from various sources – the body, landscape and nature.

Her work conveys the energy, texture, movement and effects of light in landscape

and simplicity of line in other subjects. She primarily paints on silk, but also with

acrylics and oils.

Josie Gould  Stewarding - Sat , Sun   

Josie loves to wander the rolling country hills of Devon and Cornwall from moorland

to coast. She examines the poetic qualities of the everyday landscapes which

 reveal subtly shifting textures, colours and tones which she beautifully evokes

using her unique individual approach.

Alison Jagger Cane     Stewarding  - Wed, Fri

Alison has a new body of work which is an experiment in exploring her own conscious-

ness and validating the results through a series of abstract digital marks to initiate a

design.In art terms you would probably describe it as digital, abstract expressionism

based on personal exploration.

Petra Lewin Patricia Ferns Ray Vyse Elizabeth Rashley Alison Jagger Cane Josie Gould Come along to see our display and meet the artists  - See Stewarding notes below

Contemporary landscape paintings, silk painting, prints, anisotropic wood work, textiles and sculpture
  TAAG, Northumberland Place, Teignmouth. TQ14 8DD.

Saturday 24 Feb - Friday 2 March 2018    Open 10am-5pm

Petra enjoys using light, colour and patterns dramatically within her work.  Much of
her early work explored the use of grids within abstract designs. From there she
went on to experiment with different textures and collage. More recently she has
been expressing her ideas and designs through print.

Ray Vyse      Stewarding  - Sun am, Mon am, Tue am, Fri pm

Ray has developed some intriguing and unique styles of creativity. He often uses

reclaimed materials to create his anisotropic wall-art in the form of 3D constructions

or  carved and shaped relief patterns. He uses inks and paints to add colour in such

a way that directional qualities are created.