Ray Vyse - Vysey - Digital Art

I have moved on from my love of photography , to use computer graphics to

create a variety of stylised images with clean crisp outlines and bold colours.

I have also produced various purely abstract images, which I like to see

printed up in glossy acrylic format.

Ray Vyse - Anisotropic Art - In wood

My wall art, made from reclaimed wood, has been described by exhibition visitors as 'very original', 'unique' and 'extraordinary!' I enjoy exploring, revealing and exploiting the tactile and anisotropic nature of wood and in particular, laminated wood where the grain directions of laminates alternate.

Some pieces are 3D constructions while others have relief patterns created by carving and shaping. When the anisotropic properties of the wood are too subtle, I often add colour to create stronger directional effects. Recent work combines order and structure with the organic and disorderly.

www.anisotropic.co.uk     ray@anisotropic.co.uk

Photography 2010
Text Art 2011
Digital Art 2012
Shaping wood 2013
Anisotropic Art 2014